So you have found this page as you are asking yourself….HOW DO I CURE THE FENG SHUI ANNUAL STAR CHANGES IN 2020?

A Quan Yin statue, also know as KWAN YIN, is an item many feng shui clients enjoy using for the annual star remedies. Quan Yin is a Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Quan Yin is well known throughout Asia. Quan Yin is considered a Great Protector and is often used in space for protective purposes or to inspire hope in times of need, fear or despair.

In Feng Shui many people will often use a bronze, brass or a AUTHENTIC SOLID COPPER QUAN YIN STATUE to remedy the yearly annual star 2 and 5. Bronze, copper and brass are the preferred metals used in Feng Shui to neutralize the negative effects of the yearly annual 2 and 5 stars. The annual 2 and 5 stars are considered bad earth energies in Feng Shui. The Feng Shui remedy for the annual star 2 and 5 is to add more metal in the afflicted area. Some enjoy placing a bronze, brass or copper Quan Yin Statue to remedy the annual Star 2 and 5.

When using Feng Shui please understand that Feng Shui is NOT a religious practice, so you SHOULD use objects that most resonate with you, your personal customs and beliefs to be most effective. When you take this into consideration you could then use any bronze, copper or brass type of statue that symbolizes great protection for you and your family personally. This could be a copper, bronze or brass ANGEL or LION for example, or just about about protective symbol that resonates with you and your cultural beliefs that is made out of copper, brass or bronze and if it makes a sound ( such as using a copper, brass or bronze SINGING BOWL or BELL ) in afflicted areas it is considered by many Feng Shui Masters even better for clearing out the bad earth energies.

I have many clients that prefer to use a bronze statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in their home. Any protective symbol used in your home should resonate with you personally to be most effective. The METAL object never needs to be a Chinese trinket or Asian looking to work in Feng Shui for the bad annual energies. What is important is that you use the correct metal (cooper, bronze, or brass) to reduce the impact of earth when it is in a negative state, such as the yearly annual star 2 and 5. Cooper is the best metal to use to remedy annual 5 and 2 if your budget allows this, however pure copper tends to be more expensive than brass or bronze. Feng Shui does not need to be expensive so just ensure you are using the correct metals for your remedies that best fits your family needs and budget.

The reason we use a metal color and/or a metal product in Feng Shui to fight against the yearly annual star 2 and 5 is because metal is extracted from earth and therefore weakens and reduces earth’s negative effects in a space. In Feng Shui it is key to make sure that we properly neutralize negative energies to further balance and protect a business or home.

If you prefer using Quan Yin in your home do not place any type of Quan Yin statue on the floor as this is considered very disrespectful. Quan Yin is best placed on a self, mantel or on a stand sitting 3 feet or higher.

The annual star 2, known as the sickness star in Feng Shui will be in the SOUTH in 2020. The annual star 5, known as the misfortune star in Feng Shui will be in the EAST in 2020. Do not decorate these afflicted areas with RED and do not do major digging or renovations here especially in the area that annual 5 resides. If the annual 5 star happens to be in your sleeping bedroom area this year and you have the option consider sleeping in a different room in the home it maybe advised till this annual 5 energy passes. You can also use green, grey or white sheets to help combat against this 5 star in a bedroom that is used for sleeping.

It is recommended in Classical School Feng Shui that these Feng Shui remedies be in place on the Chinese New Year, which will be typically be on February 4th. If you are new to Classical School Feng Shui and are getting a late start this year, start NOW! It is better to do your remedies now verses not doing any remedies for the year at all. The annual energies are always gradually shifting throughout the year, they do not magically just shift in February.

Here are a few Beautiful Quan Yin Statues you can purchase remedy the annual star 2 and 5 which can be shipped to most places Worldwide.

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If you do not want to use a copper, brass or bronze statue you can also hang 6 Rod Wind Chime or a pair of copper, bronze or Brass Foo Dogs.

Windchimes and Foo dogs should be best placed
outside your front door if your front door happens to face one of the afflicted directions.

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Solid Copper Bell to hang on afflicted door or room Click Here to ORDER.

Use your own Copper or Bronze DECOR that resonates with you for the Annual star 2 and 5 areas and if it makes a sound such as a bell chime or music box this is very beneficial.
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Tibetan Bell Order Here


Popular and inexpensive 6 coin string to remedy bad earth energies. Click on image to order. This 6 coin string cure will ship to most places Worldwide Click Here to Order.


Angel Bronze Remedy for Yearly Annual star 2 and 5 Click Here.


View a Bronze Blessed Virgin Mary Here. This will ship to most places Worldwide through Amazon.

Order A Bronze LOVE Heart Scuplture by clicking on this link

Buy a protective front door knocker as a protective cure for your space.

Feng Shui is not a religion. Feng Shui respects and honors people from all customs and traditions worldwide. Choose the metal protection that most resonates with your sacred customs to be most effective in your space.


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